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I like photographing Moments using unique angles and plenty of emotion through the wedding.

I am seeking, predicting, and capturing.

I am not a story maker,

but rather a story teller.

My style is telling the story, in an artistic way-Alex- way.

The calm person telling a calm story, the passionate person telling a passionate story, all by means of the picture.

We will make sure you have beautiful portraits of yourselves, but more importantly we will document the raw moments most people never see, find grace in the ordinary. So your kids and their kids will remember who you really were and not just how you looked.

As a destination wedding photographer, I am  looking for the opportunity to honor life and memories through genuine individuals who want to capture their love story through my photos

behind each click there is a hidden story

isla blanca-13.jpg
Alex Rojas-163.JPG

thank you for believing in me. let's make art together.

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