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Leave the photos to the photographers

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

As a wedding photographer I see this all the time, I know that you are going to be with the ones that you love, family and friends and every body is really exited to be with you in such a special day like your wedding and especially in this days every body wants to post a nice picture on facebook or instagram and everybody wants to do it like in the exact moment, but during a wedding especially during the ceremony everything happens really fast and the photographer needs the space and the time to take every single moment of the ceremony from the moment the groom walk to the gazebo to the moment the bride and groom leaves the ceremony together..........

in order to avoid this is very important that you explain this to your wedding coordinator, as simple as no phones during the ceremony, you are paying a really good money to have amazing photos from a very fast and lovely event during your wedding day as the ceremony, thats why you hire a professional photographer ( me for example hahaha ) if you are coming to Cancun or Playa del Carmen to get married in front of our beautiful Caribbean sea let us give you beautiful pictures and help us with that very importan part NO PHONES ALLOWED DURING CEREMONY !!!!! or you are going to end it up with pictures like this

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