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Updated: Sep 22, 2023

As I explain in my last post, the vendor fees and hiring external photographers is very important from the moment you start looking for venues, and me as a destination wedding photographer which starts as a hotel photographer can tell you a few tips,

1.- and most important check from all the options that you have which one is the style that you really love, because you are gonna look at those pictures in 50 years and you still have to remember that day as one of the most importants in your life surrounded by love and a lot of good tequila jajaja,

2.- once you choose one talk by phone or skype a few times, a good photographer it's going to ask a lot of things and that's very important because that's the way we can know the couples, what are their influences, what crazy ideas they have, special things that they are gonna bring for the wedding, it can be a picture of a dead relative or a picture of the lovely dog that has to stay at home or small thing as a ring from the grandma some thing that the photographer has to know in my particular case im available always from 7 am to 11 pm to ask whatever my couples need. I like to remember that i'm gonna take and event that their grandchildren will known thru my photos and i like to cause a good impressions jajaja

3.-once you have it check with the resort or "venue" what are your options, talking about the payment, in most of the resorts you have to options pay the vendor fee or pay a hotel room for 2 nights and sometimes is about the same price, but the good thing about paying the hotel room for the photographer is that at least me, i'm available for the couples those 2 days, you know the welcome cocktail, rehearsal dinner and the different events they have and are not covered in a regular photo package.

4.- please please please make sure that the vendor fee includes at least water for the photo and video team jajajaja sound funny but is true some of the resorts dont even want to give water.

5.- if you have any question about this let me know im open for questions

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